Sabrina & Jürgen

What is more welcoming on a grey day than a home filled with sun-kissed flowers? We quickly forgot about the measly weather once we put one foot inside the former milk and praline factory turned into family loft.


A visit to the Sabrina and Jürgen’s home equals a lesson in combining different materials, textures and fabrics. The couple does not shy away from mixing things up. Their background in fashion definitely has a hand in this.


Despite the openness and rawness of the loft, they managed to create a warm and playful atmosphere. In the dining area the light shines through the impressive windows on the flowering dining table, surrounded by colourful elements.


A peak behind the curtain in the master bedroom shows us a Cadovius wall unit with beautiful colour curated books. Cherry on top is the charming wall unit in the children’s room.


We are excited to share with you a sneak peak of their hidden universe.

Found at NOME furniture:
– ‘Royal system’ Wall unit by Poul Cadovius, Denmark 1950’s.