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 By Marc Newson for Cappellini


Sunbed named ‘Orgone’ designed by Marc Newson, produced by Cappellini in the 1990’s. A striking modern rendition of the classic day bed, featuring an hourglass-shaped surface supported on three cone-shaped legs. This chaise longue is made entirely of polished blue lacquered fibreglass, making it suitable for both inside and outside use. The term ‘orgone’ was adapted from the eccentric orgone energy theories of 1940s scientist Wilhelm Reich. The flattened, moulded chaise-longue form of the ‘Orgone’ was also inspired by the shape and construction techniques of surfboards. A very rare piece, in decent condition with some signs of wear as shown in the pictures.


H: 50 cm

W: 175 cm

D: 75 cm


Price: sold