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Seating group

 By J.G. Steenkamer


Set of 2 ‘Safari’ chairs and side table designed by J.G. Steenkamer for Creafort, produced in the Netherlands in the 1960’s. The design is often attributed to Karin Mobring, who presumably copied the design for the Diana chair produced by IKEA, in the late 1960’s. Both easy chairs feature a solid wooden frame with organically shaped armrests. The seats and backrests in light and dark beige are held together by leather straps. They are made of padded canvas. The set features a matching side table with solid wooden slats. Both the frames and the cushions are in a good condition, using marks as shown in the pictures.


Chair: H: 69 cm / W: 67 cm / D: 63 cm / Seat height: 32 cm


Price: sold