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Lounge chairs

 By Borge Mogensen


Set of 2 lounge chairs, one highback model ‘2254’ and one lowback model ‘2256’, both designed by Borge Mogensen and produced by Fredericia in Denmark in the 1960’s. This rare edition has the rattan mesh back and the original pillows still present, in very well preserved condition. Only the leather straps have been renewed recently, by a fine atelier in Brussels. The oak frames with signature sled legs and superbly crafted joinery, are also in very good condition. The highback chair can be put in 2 different positions. Comes with the original hocker from the same series.


Hocker / lowback / highback

H: 34 / 71 / 94 cm

W: 57 / 66 / 66 cm

D: 52 / 67 / 67 cm


Price: sold