Margot & Sebastiaan

We visit Margot and Sebastiaan, on a beautiful Sunday,
in Zurenborg which is one of the loveliest areas in Antwerp. The windows are open, warm spring-air is seeping in, together with the white noise of the flea market in the square. Margot grew up in this neighbourhood, it’s almost a rarity to meet someone that’s born and raised in the city. – who also stayed


This apartment is a wonderful reflection of many influences in the couples life. The Cees Braakman for Pastoe pieces used to belong to her grandparents,
the kitchen table came from friends of the family,
they found the Breuer chairs second hand and the carpet is the result of a shopping spree in ‘de Kloosterstraat’… every piece is well chosen and brought together by Margot, who studied interior design.


There are no fights about the looks in this apartment, Sebastiaan is a wise man and he trusts his girlfriend on all the interior decisions. A good choice since Margot definitely knows what she wants. She fell in love with this set of dining chairs at Nome, a perfect fit for their kitchen table.

Found at NOME furniture:
– Dining chairs by Casala (upholstery by Nome Furniture)