Lies & Benjamin

Sometimes we’re invited into a home and we are surprised by the finished interior. Lies and Benjamin live in a renovated house, in a quiet neighbourhood in Gent. Lies bought the house 3 years ago and completely flipped a worn out row house into a modern homeThey chose to live from the first floor up to create a brighter living space and an extra studio downstairs. A combination of a very handy dad, some well made custom design and a creative eye makes this house a comfortable home on a limited budget!


The house is filled with bright colours and funny accents. Lies loves to use unexpected materials like a plywood kitchen, a concrete table and a bathroom that feels like an outdoor swimming pool.


Lies studied architecture but her focus always went to interior and design. Apart from the dining chairs from Nome a lot of the furniture is made by her own design brand Fragmenture, a brand that creates furniture, interior design and ceramics.

Found at NOME furniture:
– Dining chairs, Denmark 1960