LAUM – PAUM did the complete design and renovation of the former laundry and boiler house of the sanatorium Joseph Lemaire, originally designed by Maxime Brunfaut in 1937. Laura Coninx took off with a jump start doing this beautiful project.


How to quickly describe La Joconde, the Titanic or a dinner at The Jane…
This house we visited is a masterpiece in every level and form.
Laura Coninx put her heart and soul into this place. It was originally
a laundry and Cole house for the huge sanatorium, just ‘down the road’,
so it wasn’t meant as a family home.
In the livingroom hangs a floorplan of the past life of this house, now eighty years old. It used to be a dark space that focused on its practical function. Luckily Laura Coninx put in four floor-to-ceiling windows to create a lightfilled open space with a beautiful view down on the river.


Laura is a warm person in every sense of the word, as well as a real leader and not somebody whose intentions should be second-guessed. She did more than a good job in shaping this space into a warm home for her family, decorating it with a wonderful mix of modern and vintage furniture.
Nome and Laura go back a long way and we were happy to collaborate for this project.


When you walk through the space it’s very clear how often she found a beautiful vintage piece at Nome and put it to its best use. We love how she used a vintage sideboard as a bathroom element, and even how a night cabinet is now a tiny sideboard for her children’s playroom.
There isn’t a single detail in the house that was overlooked, from the fancy gold showerheads to the subtle leather straps that open the windows.

Did we mention the kids have a swing in the livingroom?


Laura is the founder of Laum – Paum, a company that combines architecture and engineering, in the future Nome will be very happy to assist her in any vintage needs.
To be continued!

– All vintage pieces found at Nome.