LAUM – PAUM did the complete design and renovation of the former laundry and boiler house of the sanatorium Joseph Lemaire, originally designed by Maxime Brunfaut in 1937. Laura Coninx took off with a jump start doing this beautiful project.


The former fabric is this year eighty years old, yet everything is crispy clean and has a very modern feel to it. This isn’t a suprising result: LAUM – PAUM flows architecture and engineering seemless into each other.


Laura Coninx isn’t greedy on her modernist house; apart from her own family habitat she designed two upstairs apartments to rent out. When we visited her on a rainy day, we were lucky enough that one apartment was in between renters… so we had a peek inside.


The house is build on a hillside surrounded by trees, so one of the loftlike spaces looks out on an open square while the other one has a river view.
When you walk in you are immediately overwhelmed by pure simplicity in the well-thought-out design. The daylight floods into the living space that has a very industrial feel to it. The high ceilings, white walls and perfect finishing accentuate this house with its the modernist structure.


Laura admits that she can’t just flip a house in a hurry but has to take her time. She also strongly believes in the ‘would I live here?’ approach and the result is definitely one for the spotlight.

Found at NOME furniture:
– Daybed / sofa by Knoll Antimott
– Side table
– Set kidney tables