A long driveway lined with an avenue of tall trees brings us to the country house of Joseph’s family. Legend has it that the people of the village declared Joseph’s grandfather insane when he built his house on this desolated hill because apparently … back in the day, it was common knowledge that it was haunted.


Joseph’s grandfather designed and built this secluded family home in the 50’s. Today, childhood nostalgia draws the family back to the house and new memories are made when friends come over for weekend getaways, looking to unplug and enjoy the scenery over drinks and barbecue.


Joseph was looking for furniture to surprise his parents and selected a few typical pieces. With the help of his two brothers, he lured his parents away when we delivered the furniture.


The radiance of the house and surroundings from the outside is supplemented by a beautiful mix of vintage lighting which illuminates the inside.


The large windows and retro lighting help to put the furniture in the right spotlight.


Found at NOME furniture:
– set easy chairs, Denmark 1960’s
– dining table, Denmark 1960’s
– coffee table by Louis van Teeffelen for Wébé, Dutch design 1950’s
– display cabinet, Dutch design 1950’s