Working as a young restorer and architect, Evy has a clear eye for all beautiful things, new and old. Her interior reflects the same duality as her work. It features design classics like a wall unit by Louis Van Teeffelen, a Rob Parry daybed or a dining chair by Dirk van Sliedregt  but also some vintage finds and curiosities from garage sales that Evy upcycles herself till they reach pure eyecandy-level.


Evy started hunting for vintage items herself about six years ago. ‘I collect  all kinds of second hand stuff from handbags to furniture. At first I just visited thrift shops and garage sales but I developed a love for vintage design pieces as I went along”. Each item in her apartment has its own story:  “Next to stuff that I bought myself I have a lot of things that were given to me by my grandparents and parents. These things mean a lot to me”.  


Together with her sister Karlijn she even started her own pop-up sale on instagram. “After years of collecting things my house got so full of stuff that I needed to get rid of some items. That’s why I started my own little account. Unevitably the result will be that I make only room for even more pre-loved stuff!”. Curious? Go the her Instagram @sis.antwerp where you can find a lot of decoration, everything from plates and cups to vases and rattan planters.

Found at NOME furniture:
– 3-seater sofa by Rob Parry, 1950’s
– Rattan dining chair by Dirk van Sliedregt, 1950’s